Basics of Python Programming for GIS

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Learn the basics of Python through video lectures and practice problems.Python is an easy to learn programming language with a wide variety of well-paying jobs in many fields, including data science, web development, and network programming. There couldn’t be a better time for you to join the world of Python!
This course is introduced to enhance python programming for GIS. Python is selectively a better choice to start with GIS programming, because it is used in both scripting and programming. At EdUnbox, there is full learning of Python scripting, how python code could be formulated as a Python IDE for the interaction with ArcGIS, either in the form of standalone script or a Python Script Tool. Post that you will be delving into the venture of using python programming functions and classes for geoprocessing along with the use of its modules for data access and mapping.


This GIS (Geographic Information Systems) course will get you up and running with GIS in very short time. By the end of the course, you’ll feel confident and completely understand the GIS technology and the way to use GIS software to form maps. This course is great for both beginners and professionals like programmers, social scientists and geo-technicians. The course is right for those who haven’t even programmed before, and also if you are not good with python then don’t worry we will teach you from scratch.

What will you learn in this ‘Basics of Python Programming for GIS’ from EdUnbox?

  • Understand the basic concepts of Python.
  • Essential techniques and concepts to work with ArcPy and ArcGIS.
  • Understand how GIS works.
  • Understand Reference systems and map projections.

Key points to be secured are:

  • Basics of Python
  • Python functions, classes and methods
  • Python flow and control statements
  • Python File Handling
  • Utilizing Arcpy and Python in numerous interfaces inside and out in  ArcGIS
  • Utilizing the mapping module for map automation.

Who this course is for:

  • Python Programmers
  • ArcPy and ArcGIS Users
  • Geo-Technicians

1. What is python

  • Introduction
  • Basic Terminology
  • Future Scope
  • Why we use Python for GIS

2. Variables

  • Data Types
  • Precidence Operations
  • String Funtions
  • Working with Variables and Data Types

3. Input functions

  • User input
  • Split Functions
  • Slicing Funtions
  • Format Method
  • Working with input function

4. List Tuples & Dictionaries

  • Introduction to list
  • Uses of list
  • Different from array
  • List functions and methods
  • Working with list
  • Introduction to Tuples
  • Uses of tuples
  • Different from list
  • Tuples functions and methods
  • Working with tuples
  • Introduction to Dictionaries
  • Uses of dictionaries
  • Different from list
  • Dictionaries functions and methods
  • Working with Dictionaries

5. Conditional Statements

  • Introduction
  • Conditional Operators
  • If statement
  • If-else statement
  • Elif-If-else statement
  • Nesdted If-else statement
  • Conditional structures
  • Working with conditional structures

6. Repeatative Structure

  • Introduction of Repeatative Structure
  • Uses of Repeatative Structure
  • Loops
  • While loop
  • For loops
  • Working with Loops

7. File I/O

  • Introduction to File Handling
  • Reading data from file
  • Writing data from file
  • File-handling Operations
  • Working with file handling operations

8. Concepts of OOPS

  • Introduction to OOP’S Concepts
  • Contructors
  • Use of Self
  • Working Of toSrting Functions
  • Class and Methods
  • Implementing OOP’S Concepts in a Program

9. Introduction to ArcGIS and ArcPy

  • Introduction to Arcpy
  • Differences between Python and Arcpy
  • Arcpy classes for GIS
  • Basic Working of ArcGISPro

10. Layers

  • Introduction to Layers
  • Layer Functions
  • Working with Layers in ArcGis Pro

As part of this training, you will be working on real-time projects and assignments that have immense implications in the real-world industry scenarios, thus helping you fast-track your career effortlessly.

EdUnbox Course Completion Certificate will be awarded upon the completion of the project work (after the expert review). EdUnbox certification is well recognized in top Government and Private Organization.


We are offering Live Online Instructor-Led WebEx Training. Live Online Instructor-Led WebEx Training: Online training is conducted via live webex streaming. They are interactive sessions that enable you to ask questions and participate in discussions during class time. We do provide recordings of each session you attend for your future reference. Classes are attended by a global audience to enrich your learning experience.
Your learning will be monitored by Our LMS. In case you are not able to attend any lecture, you can view the recorded session of the class in EdUnbox’s Learning Management System (LMS). To make things better for you, we also provide the facility to attend the missed session in any other live batch.
EdUnbox certification is well recognized in the IT industry as it is a testament to the intensive and practical learning you have gone through and the real life projects you have delivered.
All the instructors at EdUnbox are practitioners from the Industry with minimum 10-12 yrs of relevant IT experience. They are subject matter experts and are trained by EdUnbox for providing an awesome learning experience to the participants.
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Really good overview of most common functions of ArcGIS.

jayesh thakur

i like the fact that is fast and to the point


The course is well-structured and clearly explained by the Edunbox instructor. Thank you


Easily explained by instructor and easily understable by the learner


It is excellent for beginners and builds up.Its a very detailed ArcGIS course. thank you edunbox

aaditya singh

I have learnt important skills which are helpful in my ongoing practical. good work edunbox

ajay barur

ArCGIS Pro seems a lot easier taking the class. I recommend this course to any beginner. great work once again Edunbox.

manvendra singh

It starts from the basics and builds on to an advanced level.I like the systematic teaching approach taken.

Mangal chand

It is a great course for beginners who are interested in ArcGIS Pro. The course presentation is very good. great going Edunbox

gograj jangid

Another great course from Edunbox. Thank you

akash choudhary

Great course!. Covers all the basics about AcrGis Pro.


it was a great introduction to ArcGis Pro. Than you so much edunbox

boby singh

amazing course by Edunbox.


Course Curriculum

Basics of Python Programming for GIS Lecture #1 00:02:00
Basics of Python Programming for GIS Lecture #2A 00:02:00
Basics of Python Programming for GIS Lecture #2B 00:02:00
Basics of Python Programming for GIS Lecture #3A 00:02:00
Basics of Python Programming for GIS Lecture #3B 00:02:00
Basics of Python Programming for GIS Lecture #4A 00:02:00
Basics of Python Programming for GIS Lecture #4B 00:02:00
Basics of Python Programming for GIS Lecture #5A 00:02:00
Basics of Python Programming for GIS Lecture #5B 00:02:00
Basics of Python Programming for GIS Lecture #6A 00:02:00
Basics of Python Programming for GIS Lecture #6B 00:02:00
Basics of Python Programming for GIS Lecture #7A 00:02:00
Basics of Python Programming for GIS Lecture #7B 00:02:00
Basics of Python Programming for GIS Lecture #8A 00:02:00
Basics of Python Programming for GIS Lecture #8B 00:02:00
Basics of Python Programming for GIS Lecture #9A 00:02:00
Basics of Python Programming for GIS Lecture #9B 00:02:00
Basics of Python Programming for GIS Lecture #10A 00:02:00
Basics of Python Programming for GIS Lecture #10B 00:02:00

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    Awesome online training. Clear explanations and good examples. Good piece of work that helps to get a deep dive into this subject in just a few days!

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    The course curriculum is simply awesome and easy to learn.

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    I liked the training very much, the content was well systematized. The trainers were fully expert in the technology

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    I got my classes scheduled as per my request. I am completely satisfied with the quality training. Overall, I had very good experience while taking up the training.

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    Trainer has an excellent practical & industrial knowledge which helped us understanding the real scenarios from industry

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    I successfully completed my course thanks to EdUnbox. This is the right place for all industry recognized courses. I shall definitely recommend this training to my friends and colleagues.

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    The course was aligned with the exam requirements, which really helped me in clearing the exam. The instructor was also explaining things from the exam perspective.

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    The trainer is very good his subject matters. He entertains all questions with patience. The liked the quality material provided to me.

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    The support team helped me in course selection. I have never come across such a cooperative team. They scheduled my classes as per my requirement. The entire course package was great. I enjoyed every bit of it.

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    I was able to grasp all the concepts with full attention. The trainers are very good in explaining things.

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    All my concerns were fixed immediately, I liked the quick turn around response from the support team.

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    I would like to thank the trainer and EdUnbox for proving such an impactful course experience to me. I have 100% satisfied with the online classes and study material. They delivered everything they promised. Great job and thanks again.

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    This course was worth my time and money, I had a wonderful learning experience with the instructor.

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    The instructor is always ready to help, and he has sound knowledge about finance.

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    The classes on each module were conducted step-by-step. All my queries were addressed very clearly. I suggest this is the best course for beginners.

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    I am very much impressed with the quality of videos and course material. The instructor is highly experienced and explained me everything with real-time examples.

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    I got hands-on experience during my training. The assignments and project helped me a lot to practically apply my knowledge gained through the online classes.

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    The course was conducted by recognized professionals which helped me understand the subject thoroughly. The trainer was cooperative enough to clarify things perfectly to me.

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    The trainer very well explained all the topics to me step by step for beginners. I got in-depth knowledge of all topics. The classes enable you to gain real-time project experience and get advanced in your IT career. Thanks EdUnbox!

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    The course material was very well organized. The trainer explained the basics of each module to me. All my queries were addressed very clearly. The trainer also made me realize how important this course is for beginners in IT stream. I suggest this is the best training course.

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    I greatly appreciated the professionalism of the trainers and also the way of transmitting knowledge. The instructor is very experienced and explained each concept with real-world examples.

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    Course advisors, trainers are highly experienced. Course advisors advise which course suits the best besed on experience and technology interest. Trainers are knowledgeable and have lot of patience.

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    Completely worth for both time and money.

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    Excellent training and support

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    The content guides you from the very basic approach of the fundamentals to the advanced level with practical knowledge in just a few days of training

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